Project Info:

Biometric Attendance System

Auto Download Data

           The software downloads data from the Biometric device automatically at a fixed  interval set by adinistrator.

                      Manual Adjustment (Optional):

                       * User can add/modify daily attendance by filtering data department/employee    /day/month wise with proper user rights. This is required mainly for Field/Marketing  staff.
                    E-Mail Features

                            a) Login, Logout of employee’s to HR :

                            An email is sent to the HR department about employee’s login and logout details after punch is made. Time gap for each intimation can be decided by  head 

                          of department.

                 b) Late In/Early Out Notification :

                            Mails to HR department as well as concerned employees who come late or goes  before actual time.

               c) Department Wise Records :

                           An excel file is sent to HR Department, once a day, which contains following information each on separate  sheets:                        

                         Current date’s Late-In records : Details of those employees who came late. 

                           Previous day’s early out records: Details of those employees who left early  the previous day.

                          Current day’s absentee records: records of employees who are absent today.

                           Records of all employees who are on time, department wise on separate sheets.

                         d) Notify Device and Server Time Mismatch:
                   Mail to HR department in case device and system time conflicts.

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